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Mobile Overheating

Overheating Can Occur Due To Multiple Reasons For Instance: Old Battery, Power-Hungry Apps, The Simultaneous Running Of Apps, Gaming, And Overcharging. Such Issues Raise The Battery’s Temperature & Later The Phone. If Left Unattended For A Longer Period, Overheating Can Breakout Into Worrisome Problems Such As Slow Response Time, Phone Lag And More.

Signal Issues

If Poor Signal Strength Is A Common Problem In Your Phone Then It’s Not Always The Network Provider’s Fault. Maybe Your Smart Device Is The Real Culprit! Our Certified Technicians Can Help You Sort Out The Issue By Optimizing The Signal Receptors And Resolving Other Internal Issues That Are Causing This Disruption.We Have Certified Experts Who Deal In Signal Issues in Smartphones.

Motherboard Problem

The Smartest Part Of Your Smartphone Is Its Motherboard, If You Mess With It, You Are In Real Trouble! No Adequate Power Supply, Short Circuit, Moisture Penetration, And Improper Installation Of Components Are Some Commonly Diagnosed Faults. Motherboard Issue Needs To Be Resolved Quickly Under Expert Supervision. Our Mobile Repair Experts Can Guide You Well In Such Matters.

Water Damage

A Single Drop Of Water, Moisture Or Full Immersion In Water, All Of It, Can Do Great Damage. Charging Ports, Motherboard, Speaker, And Touchpad, In Short, Your Entire Phone Can Come To A Halt.We Have Certified Experts Who Deal In Water Damaged Smartphones And Offer The Best Solutions and that too at your doorsteps at your favorable time.

Cracked Screen

Your Smartphone Is A Robust Piece Of Technology, But It’s Delicate Too. Smartphones Without Screen Guards Or Tempered Glass Protection Are More Susceptible To Get Cracked If They Slip From Your Hands Or Gets Dropped From Your Table. We Cater To All Screen Issues With Utmost Care And Perfection and that too at your doorsteps at your favorable time.

Battery Issues

Does Your Phone Battery Takes An Entire Day To Recharge And Lasts Only For A Few Hours? It’s A Serious Problem That Needs To Be Resolved By Experts. One Can Opt For Our Doorstep Battery Replacement Service Or Choose The Lab-Repair Where One Gets Free Pick-Up And Drop Service At A Highly Affordable Price at your doorsteps at your favorable time.

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